The rapidly expanding senior population in the U.S., along with staffing shortages in the healthcare industry presents a significant challenge for our country.

How do we provide high quality healthcare our seniors deserve at an affordable cost?

Introducing the Senior Healthcare Innovation Consortium (SHIC)

SHIC is an education and scientific research consortium dedicated to leveraging technology and data to positively impact senior healthcare treatment and delivery models to reduce societal costs.

SHIC’s mission is to improve senior population health quality, safety and illness prevention, reduce social costs, and alleviate staffing shortages.

Senior Healthcare Critical Issues

Aging Population & Eldercare Economics

Holistic Approach to Elder Healthcare

Risk Mitigation in Senior Healthcare

Age-Related Cognitive & Chronic Disease

Interoperable Solutions for Independent Living

Rural and Under-represented Communities

Nutrition & Food Safety

Drug Management

Who Should Join

SHIC members are a collaborative coalition of senior population healthcare solution-oriented innovators.

Healthcare Organizations & Non-profits

Academic & Research Institutions

Industry & Startup Innovators

Government Leaders
(local, state, federal)

Government and consortium stakeholders are both focused on prioritizing impact & commercialization of innovative solutions


  • Market expansion (national & international)
  • Alignment of HHS and DoD, policy & industry requirements
  • Faster contracting speed & expanded opportunities


  • Access to industry & academic innovators
  • Collaboration between government & members
  • Faster solution deployment